Free UK Delivery on All Orders – Where Have All the Post Bikes Gone?

We’re pleased to announce that we’re offering all UK cyclists free delivery on all our UK Royal Mail 1st Class deliveries. (Sorry international cyclists we wish we could extend this to you guys, but at this stage its not possible.)

At VELECO we also deliver all orders in our hometown of Brighton & Hove by bike to reduce our carbon footprint a little bit and as an excuse to get out of the warehouse on our bikes!

Whilst we were talking about delivery options and Royal Mail it got us thinking; about how in the UK you use to see lots of postmen and women happily riding along delivering mail, but that you don’t really see them anymore. Do they still deliver the mail on bikes in your country?


Winter Postwoman on a Bicycle

Winter Postwoman on a Bicycle - Photograph from net_efekt

Apparently Royal Mail started to phase them out in part due to health and safety fears! Well first of all cycling is good for your health and second of all we all know how ‘safe’ some van drivers are. So great, even more fuel used and more vans on the streets.

At least as they broke up the fleet many were sent to Africa by the Bicycle Aid for Africa charity Re-Cycle but as a result they lost their regular supply of bikes that were donated by Royal Mail.

Pashley have supplied Royal Mail with their bikes for over 30 year’s with the current model being the Pashley Mailstar. It seems difficult to know how many are actually in service now, it’s less than 2000 with some sources saying it’s down to 200. So if you see one you’re very lucky.


Pashley Mailstar Bicycle

Pashley Mailstar Bicycle

Ok so we understand that the weight of mail has gone up during the years, and of course the health and safety of postmen and women is important. But it does seems a strange decision to scrap them nationwide, especially as you now see other delivery companies like TNT using them in urban areas like West London (they also use Pashley Mailstar bicycles).

We did see a postie near our warehouse on a bike today, but he was riding home after work. He did think we were a bit mad when we asked if we could take a photo of him. But it’s not everyday you see a postie on a bike is it? At least not anymore.

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Postman on a bike, on his way home after work

Brighton & Hove Postman leaving work on his bike



Co-Founder – VELECO


  • Hi, here in New Zealand official New Zealand Post posties still all use bikes, except in very hilly or sparsely populated areas. They all have safety gear, including goony-looking flaps to cover their necks in summer, shorts that show off a bit of leg if you want to (hey that’s not very sun-safe LOL, I suppose they supply suncream as well?!), and good bright red jackets for the rain.

    They are much safer for other pedestrians and cyclists than a rival postal company that has a guy on a small motorbike who drives all over the footpath.

  • John –

    Pop up to Ware in Hertfordshire and you’ll still see plenty of them pottering about – don’t know for how long but they’re with us for now :)

    I also notice that there’s a Domino’s Pizza using what look like former Royal Mail bikes for delivery just north of Southwark Bridge in London!

  • Holland has an increasing number of posties on bikes. Obviously their geography is conducive to bicycle propelled post but so are most of the big cities of Britain!

  • I see posties on bikes semi-regularly, in Brighton centre, Shoreham area, and there’s one who seems to take the same route up Bear/Coombe Road as me on her way home (on a delivery bike). There aren’t as many as a few decades ago of course, but I never got the impression they were a dying breed.


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