Android App Bundle

The Platform Android, Android App Bundle allows the developers to develop and release their own projects in the medium which is more effective and easy to handle. It breaks the myth that the larger size apps can do the mass exposure and builds the idea of creating small apps with the greater effects.

For all the APks you can use all the resources of your app namely, entire complied code, and other liabraries. As because it creates the separate artifact just to avoid various actions like sign in, upload, version code, etc with the automotive help of Android App Bundle.

EGG Production Management System

Poultry Farm Management System has been developed for giving various information about the respective poultry farm. This application system is mainly focuses on the maintenance and management of the poultry farm. It maintains each and every record systematically and enables us to give information on time. EGG Production Management System

Reminder App – Medical , Doctor

It is an Android-based application in that indirectly connects the Doctors and Patients. In which the ringing alarm has been attached just to remind the medicine dosage details. People can set timings for the alarm ring according to their dosage timings. It can be set for any number of medicines with its corresponding date, time, dosage and the description of the medicine. It can be notified to the patients as a notification message or email according to their preference. The patients in need of consultations can have the list of doctors and their availability to fix their appointment. And other users of the application are allowed to get the articles and news related to all the diseases, medical terminologies and also the health care tips. It simplifies the part of patients in the medical industry. Reminder App – Medical , Doctor  Even though there are so many medical reminder application systems are available in the market, it is the only cost-effective and time saving system which mainly focuses on the health care of the patients and the development of the medical field.

Libarary Management System Android App

Here, in this Library management system user such as students, teachers and an administrator will have the separate login system. Only through the admin login the admin can manage the entire system. It is a project which aims to develop a computerized system from the manual system of all the day to day work of every library. It additionally provides the platform of online notice board in which students and that teacher can update the upcoming events like seminars, workshops going to be held in the campus or in the nearby colleges. It needs to be approved by the admin of the library after getting confirmed about the concern institutions about the event. The system allows the students to view the list of books issued with its issue date and return date. And if needed they can also make a student report, issue report, book report and a teacher report with the permission of librarian. Library Management System Android App The project focuses on the welfare of the students, teachers and the librarian to maintain the effective library system without the larger human efforts.

eHealth Care Management

Every one of us will definitely come across of the incident of having no doctor availability at which it is emerge. But the problem will be rectified by this system by helping the patients with the go green medical treatment which can be prepared by own. In other way the system will also connects the patients with the doctors through online consultations. That can save the time of both the end users of the application. In few cases doctors will be sent to the particular home of the patients for the medical treatments. Here doctors can cover the huge amount of patients and the patients will have the huge number of doctor’s preference. eHealth Care Management Moreover, the frequently accessed doctors are credited with some amount by the organization.

Location Based Information App For Ambulance And Police

Some of us may not know the reason of ambulance tracking but it is as important as the 10 second delay may also decide the life or death of a person. We are familiar with the concept of an emergency ambulance, an ambulance which is used to move patients rapidly to critical care in an emergency room under required medical condition. But it will be used as a normal vehicle for the hospital transportation in cases like transfers between hospitals with nurses and the non-emergency patients. In most nations, ambulances are given priority on the road tracks, in recognition to the fact that time is important when moving a critically ill or seriously injured patients. Location Based Information App for Ambulance and Police So Ambulances and other trained first responders are critical tools not only in quickly arrival to the emergency spot but also providing potentially life-saving measures.

Child Safety App

Now-a-days the major worry of the parents is about the unsafety of their children where they are supposed to be with their children all the time which is not possible. So the system has been created to monitor and track the children's activity from anywhere of the world. In case of child missing, it will be the most helpful tool to track the children's location as it has been implemented with the GPS system. And the parents can retrieves the data of their children's mobile phone like Call Logs, Message Details and Contact list even without the knowledge of their children. As because the application will be running in background. The major advantageous feature of this system is, once the device of the children get rebooted the application will automatically started running once it get rebooted as a never ending process. Child Safety App This application sends all the data from the child’s phone to the parent’s phone in every 10 minutes interval through the medium of server which collects and resends the information. From the Children side it will be working as a normal calculator whereas only the parent knows the real use of the application.

PG LOCATOR For Searching PG Hostel Or Rental Houses

The project helps the users by listing the PGs in the concern area. And then it provides PG’s information collectively the location, facilities, food, price, maps, transportation facility, and safety measures. Any news, information, advertisements, displayed on this website reaches millions of potential customers. PG LOCATOR for Searching PG Hostel or Rental Houses

Exam and Hall Ticket management App

The application system helps in allocating the examination halls and preparing the hall tickets to the Engineering students. Here they can view the examination timetable and the attendance details as hall wise and student wise. This project is a Mobile based application. The developed application project allows the students to get their exam timetable online and view the seating arrangement for the corresponding exams. In this project students can generate their Hall Ticket by the inputs such as Branch, year, semester, and Roll No of student. The proposed system has been evaluated with the real time users and their data. Exam and Hall Ticket management App

Women Safety & Security System- Alert All Chat Mobile App


Day by day the usage of the smart phones are rapidly increasing, but the doubt is whether we are using those smart phones in an effective way for the safety and security purposes of ourselves or not. The answer is obviously no. The heinous incident that outraged the entire nation has wakened us to go for the safety issues and so a host of new apps have been developed to provide security systems to women via their phones. This is an Android Application for the Safety of Women that has to be installed in every woman’s mobile phone. It can be activated by a single click, whenever and wherever the need arises. A single click on this app identifies the location of place through the implemented GPS system and sends a message comprising this location URL to the registered contacts and also call on the first registered contacts to help the one in dangerous situations. The unique feature of this application is, it sends the messages to the registered contacts continuously with the 5 minutes interval till the “stop” button in the application is clicked by the user. Continuous location tracking information via SMS helps to find the location of the victim quickly even they are in a movement and the women can be rescued safely. Women Safety & Security System- Alert All Chat Mobile App This project has 2 templates when we open the application that will be displayed as safe or unsafe if we choose unsafe, automatically it started sending the messages to our registered contacts with the location where we are at present.